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Notice: ·SMT&AI offline programming software - EPS3 V3.23 had been released!  ·SMT&AI placed part auto comparing and recording system - Partplacer.NET V4.02 had been released!  ·SMT&AI high accuracy coordinate extraction software - Coorpicker V2.01 had been released!  ·SMT&AI pre-programming data auto processing software - Datamation V3.95 had been released!
Offline Programming - EPS3
The new generation of more excellent SMT&AI off-line programming software, it has the quick programming speed than you think, incomparable functions...
Ealead Partplacer.NET
It can auto comparing and recording the placed part by barcode scanning, that will greatly improve your production efficiency, saving the cost of paper for you...
Ealead Coorpicker
It can quickly extract the component's coordinate and automatically calculate the AI hole span, that will greatly saving your programming time...
SMT&AI Series Software
SMT&AI AMP Solutions
Barcode Designer Software
Customization Development
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Ealead Software Corporation is a professional electronics assistant software Develop organization, all of the members have the professional skill of computer application and work in the field of electronic assembly for many years, so we have abundant theoretics and practice experience in SMT and AI production field, and we absorbed in the field of research and develop the softwares of SMT&AI Pre-programming data processing, SMT&AI offline programming, coordinate extraction, SMT&AI placed part auto comparing and recording by barcode scanning, barcode design, etc.

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